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Welcome to Lakeland Historic Car Club

The club was established in 1981 to encourage the preservation and use of historic vehicles older than 25 years in Cumbria.


Classic Car Club Cumbria & North Lancashire

The club has now expanded to include car runs into Yorkshire and North Lancashire. Throughout the year the club hosts approximately 60 events during all the seasons.


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9 February 2022

Quiz Night 23rd March

Join Our Quiz Night on March 23rd! More Details in Newsletter
1 October 2021

Lost Keyring at Cafe Ambio!

A members Keyring/Key was lost at Cafe Ambio on the 7th August . It holds a small key and several emblems they include a Viking Chess Piece in the Shape…
1 October 2021

E5/10 Fuel Prices

This is important, as your petrol for your classic car is expected to¬† cost up to 20p/litre more after September 1st as E5 Unleaded fuel will only be available as…
21 June 2021

June 30th AGM 2021

The committee are in talks about the latest AGM at Villa Levens. We are checking if we can have an AGM in the Brettagh Suite which fits (120) which would…